It is to good to believe!

I am a Baubie!! Grandma! Gigi, Grams, whatever you want to be called is what I am. My daughter Elizabeth and Justin had their beautiful son Aiden James on the nineteenth of January. I am trying to describe the depth of my feelings about this momentous occasion, but I have no words and at the same time so many they could never make sense. I have a healthy perfect grandson, two beautiful talented daughters, a loving daddy for Aiden and most of all the most gentle kind loving husband you could ask for. AND on top of that, a handful of the greatest friends on earth. I am deeply and profoundly blessed.


3 thoughts on “It is to good to believe!

  1. Just saw this post…big congratulations on becoming a grandma… I personally go by the name of Nonni with my gkidz… It’s the absolute best!

  2. Congrats on being a grandmother!

    Just checked in to see the lovely items @ Bellisimo and saw your happy news!

    Does this mean you will be adding “baby items” in your store ?:)

    Hope to be in S.V. in May to celebrate my daughter’s college graduation and see

    Nina… See you then! Aloha, Cindy Nichols

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