Selections from Dransfield and Ross & Kim Seybert Spring 2012 collections have arrived…by Terry

They are heavenly, some for outdoors some for your favorite room in your house. I don’t know how they come up with such fabulous ideas, but they do season after season. I particularly love the Dransfield and Ross Bluestone Collection, if you can imagine yourself on a ivory couch or bed with these pillows, or a grey blue couch… the look would be fantastic. Those who love to entertain will love Kim Seybert’s 2012 Spring Collection. Her refined fashion sensibility and a love of rich color and texture is evident in this new collection. This supremely stylish collection for modern living will bring a smile to everyone at your table. These designers really have it all. What I love about them most of all is they are always working on their craft to make it better and better. Introducing something new and yet really sticking to what they do best.