It’s the Fourth of July…by Terry

working in the store, daydreaming about the cupcakes I’m going to eat tonight. This wonderful young woman came in with her daughter from Seattle and said, “I read your blog all the time, I just love it and the pictures!!”.  I said “My blog??” like a goof. I was so thrilled to hear that, it’s like the sun rose over the sky. It’s so wonderful when someone takes the time to compliment you for something you are doing. I was overwhelmed and thrilled. I know blogging is the thing now, but you really never know if anyone is really looking at them! So thank you thank you, thank you, pretty woman and daughter from Seattle, you made my day!!
Happy Holidays to everyone,

One thought on “It’s the Fourth of July…by Terry

  1. Thank you, Terry, for your warmth and generosity. You took time to help my daughter which was super kind. We love visiting your fantastic store when we’re in town, and reading your blog when we aren’t. Keep up the great work and we’ll keep following you!!

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