Thinking about a favorite hostess gift this year…

What will the gift be that everyone wants. Last year we sold our Native Union telephones. You remember the telephone that connects to your phone and keeps 96% of radiation out of your ears. I think that was and still is a great gift. The colors are fab and there are many new things in the line here in the store. The company has added a speaker set. You set your phone on the front of the speakers and you have a great sound system, or just chat and use it as a speaker phone. It’s great for anyone with an office!!!

I have three host gift favorites. My first are my tassel key chains that take on the Hermes or Chanel look. They’re $35.00 and I love the olive leather one… now I can find my keys in my purse!!! The next are the NEST Holiday candles. The scent is so wonderful you can use this one year-around. Three different sizes and many other NEST selections as well, soaps, sprays are great gifts. My third is anything in our chocolate, caramel, candy section available in the store!!! All of you know what a SUGAR person I am. The caramels with sea salt are killer, candy canes infused with chocolate and chocolate covered figs… Oh the power of suggestion, I’m signing off to sample the chocolates… again.

Happy Holidays to you and all of your families. Terry