One of my favorite people… Belle L. Zwerdling

Belle L. Zwerdling photo

Belle L. Zwerdling has been a talent agent for more than twenty-three years, representing actors working in film, television, and theater.  As a co-owner of the boutique Progressive Artists Agency, she is responsible for negotiating client’s deals, maintaining their status, selecting their projects, and working with other management team members to create successful career paths.  Her firm is highly selective – both of the clients that they represent and the projects that they are involved with.

Having started in the business as an actress herself, Ms. Zwerdling’s focus is on maintaining the integrity of the creative process with her clients, who she views as her partners.  Her efforts have resulted in clients becoming internationally-recognized stars.  Her agency has also nurtured many clients as they have expanded their creative efforts beyond acting to writing, producing, and directing.

Belle L. Zwerdling is available to lecture on various topics related to the talent agent business, client/agent relations, and the creative process.  She has expertise in areas ranging from securing and working with an agent to removing blocks to and dealing with success.

Ms Zwerdling recognized the need to impart her wisdom on these issues based on her experience of working with young actors whose ideas about success do not incorporate the realities and practicalities of the industry.  Her goal is to teach artist how to allow the business side of the arts to complement their craft, not be an obstacle to it.

Terry: What is your motto?
Belle:  Trust love

Terry: What do you most value in your friends?
Belle:  Unconditional acceptance.

Terry: What is your favorite characteristic in yourself?
Belle:  Humor.

Terry: What natural gift would you like most to possess?
Belle:  To be able to sing.

Terry: What would be your most indulgent day?
Spa and fine food.

Terry: What is your most precious to your heart cause?
Helping people heal their wounds.

Terry: If your life was a title of a song, what would it be?
Que cera cera..whatever will be.

Terry: What place do you go to when you need to settle your mind?

Terry: Seen anything weird lately?
A guy dresses as a clown in front of my Starbucks.

Terry: Do you believe in love at first sight AND
do you believe in it happening over and over again?

Terry: What inspires you?
God…love…beauty…me…you…my dog Lilli.