I am always on the lookout for totes, anything to carry my papers, computer, magazines, books (not kindle) lipstick, food on the airplane.  When I was at the last New York show, I spotted these totes . Voila!!!!! I knew they were right for me and the store. Beautiful, good looking, they cried out “BUY ME” So, I did. I ordered the totes, computer carriers and pillows, all of which you will be seeing on my website when we update for the upcoming Holiday season. To top off this great find,lancewovens-luxenyspread images-2 images-8 images-10 images-7 the salesperson showed me the pillows, I went out of my mind. These leather pillows are so wonderful and clean and chic, you have to get one to believe it!

So LANCE WOVENS was my great find at the show. We have many at the store and we are more than happy to order anything would wouild like!!!!



We are so excited at our store to welcome the KIM SEYBERT company to Ketchum. The company will be bringing the never seen before FALL and HOLIDAY PLACEMATS, NAPKINS and gorgeous NAPKIN RINGS, and RUNNERS.  I am thrilled to have a trunk show like this comming to Ketchum.  We will fill the GALLERIA with TABLETOP IDEAS ,PRIZES and GIFTS with each purchase from  KIM SEYBERT.

Mark AUGUST First, on your calendars. From 5-8, wine, tasty treats and MORE!!!!!

KimSeybertBring your FRIENDS. Let’s celebrate the art of eating at HOME!!!!!!!!!!


Last night Mike and I attended the Sun Valley Animal Shelter event. We were invited to model clothes from Silver Creek Outfitters, and no, I did not wear fishing clothes!!! We walked down the runway with the most wonderful, sweet and funny Pit Bull named Roxie. Not only did they raise an incredible amount of money for the shelter, but Mumford the dog, who has been at the shelter the longest time, was adopted. Made me cry, a sweet lovely boy, black lab mix. All I can say is thank goodness we have the shelter we do, all animals are cared for by loving sensitive people.
As you can see our brood could not be happier, so Happy Summer from the Murphys!!!

This is my very first Mother’s day as a grandmother…

Baubie, that’s what I’m called. I love this little boy of ours, Aiden. Our first boy! Now everyone knows how much I love my children, my grown up girls, but everything he does has a great wonderment to me, a miracle. His first roll over, his first smile… I find at this point of my life that I wish my mother on this Mother’s Day was here to have seen her great grandson. She would be walking him up and down streets in a stroller explaining the architecture of the buildings, or some historical fact to him. I know she would be so proud of both of my girls, with their lives, the decisions they have made. Wistfully, I wish she and my father could see this great circle of life in our family, now moving forward. So Happy Mother’s Day to all of you, cherish each moment you have with your children, your grandchildren, because in a blink… they have grown up.

It is to good to believe!

I am a Baubie!! Grandma! Gigi, Grams, whatever you want to be called is what I am. My daughter Elizabeth and Justin had their beautiful son Aiden James on the nineteenth of January. I am trying to describe the depth of my feelings about this momentous occasion, but I have no words and at the same time so many they could never make sense. I have a healthy perfect grandson, two beautiful talented daughters, a loving daddy for Aiden and most of all the most gentle kind loving husband you could ask for. AND on top of that, a handful of the greatest friends on earth. I am deeply and profoundly blessed.


Not everyone can live in a ski resort…

Not everyone can live in a ski resort as beautiful as Sun Valley. I moved here 37 years ago, I actually had never skied and on top of that as a lark I told my parents, “I was moving to Idaho”. Being from west Los Angeles, I really had no idea where Idaho was. Never really knew ski resorts like this even existed. I was all about the beach. So 37 years later, I still live in Sun Valley and I love how much everyone who comes here in the winter loves to ski. In my store Bellissimo I have the most wonderful ski dishes, cups, platters, everything you need for that wonderful home you are going to buy when you too move to a ski resort like I did.

These beautiful plates by Chehoma are made in France and shipped directly to us. They go in the dishwasher, food looks fabulous on them, they are inexpensive and they are a must for anyone who loves to ski. So when you buy these wonderful plates from me of course, make a great dinner for yourself, be sure to call Taylor’d Events for gorgeous flowers  208-721-0165 for your table and oh I almost forgot, of course you bought your fabulous new home from my husband Mike Murphy at McCann Deach and Fenton. 208-720-3323!!  I love my family!

My baby is going to have a baby…

and we are going to have a baby shower!!! My eldest daughter Taylor, who owns Taylor’d Events, will weave her magical talent into a beautiful shower luncheon for old friends and family. Taylor is totally in charge of the day and what a wonderful day we will have. Elizabeth is almost six months pregnant now and glowing. But the idea that my baby is having a baby is such an amazing life moment for me! Just the other night Mike and I were in bed reading on our computers, I should say he was reading, all of my time is spent looking at cribs, strollers, and baby clothes. He asked me a question about an article we were both “supposedly” looking at. Since I didn’t comment, actually didn’t even hear him, he looked over at me, only to find me and my computer totally immersed in baby world ideas.

All he could do is smile.

Our lives go by so fast, when we were young it felt as if summer was forever. Now in a blink our summer here is turning to fall. I am going to be a grandparent, a circle of life is happening. Both my children have grown into independent beautiful women. New pages in the book of life are happening.

How lucky am I?