I am always on the lookout for totes, anything to carry my papers, computer, magazines, books (not kindle) lipstick, food on the airplane.  When I was at the last New York show, I spotted these totes . Voila!!!!! I knew they were right for me and the store. Beautiful, good looking, they cried out “BUY ME” So, I did. I ordered the totes, computer carriers and pillows, all of which you will be seeing on my website when we update for the upcoming Holiday season. To top off this great find,lancewovens-luxenyspread images-2 images-8 images-10 images-7 the salesperson showed me the pillows, I went out of my mind. These leather pillows are so wonderful and clean and chic, you have to get one to believe it!

So LANCE WOVENS was my great find at the show. We have many at the store and we are more than happy to order anything would wouild like!!!!



We are so excited at our store to welcome the KIM SEYBERT company to Ketchum. The company will be bringing the never seen before FALL and HOLIDAY PLACEMATS, NAPKINS and gorgeous NAPKIN RINGS, and RUNNERS.  I am thrilled to have a trunk show like this comming to Ketchum.  We will fill the GALLERIA with TABLETOP IDEAS ,PRIZES and GIFTS with each purchase from  KIM SEYBERT.

Mark AUGUST First, on your calendars. From 5-8, wine, tasty treats and MORE!!!!!

KimSeybertBring your FRIENDS. Let’s celebrate the art of eating at HOME!!!!!!!!!!

Spring has SPRUNG in our little town of Sun Valley

The grass at my house is turning green!!! The pond is flowing, the trees are have tiny little buds everywhere. What a relief, winter is over!!!

This summer is very exciting for me. Kim Seybert who owns one of the most beautiful TABLETOP companies will be coming to our store for a TRUNKSHOW in early August. I can’t wait, not only will she be bring more summer ideas, she will also bringing new fall tabletop. I don’t  want to get ahead of myself, I only want to think of summer, dinner in the patio, birthday parties for friends, romantic dinners and dancing in our fruit orchard… Some of my very favorite pieces from Kim Seybert are her outdoor melamine products, napkins and napkin rings. Most of her pieces and the colors are all about the beauty of nature.

Let me show you some

Happy spring


I am approaching my seventh year at Bellissimo…

and as I look back over the years working here, I give gratitude for the many experiences and wonderful friends I have made. Not only do I get to meet new people all the time, but often these individuals become good friends and I always come away learning more about myself, the world, through other people’s experiences, this exchange always opens my mind, my heart and often creates long term friendships.

When people come into Bellissimo, it is always a special place and time for them, it is always different from anywhere else they have been, or the last time they visited the store. The store is always evolving, offering our customers new merchandise, new rooms,
beautifully displayed objects from all over the world, as well as fresh new ideas to enhance their own lives. With each season, there are always new things coming into the store, many things are totally unexpected and lots of fun.

As Spring finally returns to the Wood River Valley, with the snow beginning to slowly disappear, the trees are blooming, the gardens are introducing their hidden secrets, we are once again, given hope for the future. Stop in and say hello and see the new things at Bellissimo…….I promise, it will inspire you. Stay healthy, happy and keep dreaming! Warmly, Leslie
Two stores under one roof.

There is nothing like having a friend that you grew up with…

My dearest and oldest friend Sherri is eighteen months younger than I am. We grew up on the same block a house apart. Her mother and father were my “Uncle Phil and Aunt Martha”. I just got back from a little five day trip to Los Angeles and stayed with Sherri and her wonderful husband Bob. It is such a relief to have someone know you, know the little things in you childhood that make you the person you are today. Most every family tradition I have came from Sherri’s house. From food, to the way we dressed. Even to this day people think we are sisters as we look so much alike.

My blog today is dedicated to my friendship with Sherri, who has been a part of my life and my families life every single day since we were eighteen months old. How lucky and am I. Oh and we have great picture frames by Mariposa for your old and new photos .

It is almost Valentine’s Day…

Usually I start thinking “What can I get for Mike, he has been so patient and loving, patient being the operative word with me”, and “what am I going to get my daughters Taylor and Elizabeth. They are amazing, beautiful women, very successful in their business and careers, loving and make my world go round”. THEN I started thinking Valentines Day is really about the people that are right here with you. It is a “WE, TOGETHER”. My oldest and dearest friend from childhood Sherri that you have read about. My closest friends Kim and Stacy that moved away this year, who I miss terribly. My friends that just live far or in town that I don’t get to see often…think Nina!! Where would I be without them. The people that surround me in everyday work, the girls at Bellissimo, Ann, Leslie and Dawn. Vickey my beloved web designer. Stephanie and Josh who make the best coffee in the world at Penelope’s. Past friendships in my life that have gone Karen and then Leslita, as they helped shape who I am today and were so important in my life… then. Friends upon friends, layer upon layers. I initially intended this blog about shopping at the store, come see us for blah blah blah, I rather make it truly about the people you love in you everyday life, the people that have touched us, the people that are always there when you need a hand or a smile or just a second of their time.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you who have touched my life so profoundly and deeply.

Love Terry

Oh the big heart? John Derian, Paperweight

The True Collector

My friend is a true collector in every sense of the word. As you can see in these photos he is passionate about every object he has, each one is placed with loving care. The wonderful feeling about my friend’s abode is this. You walk up the stairs and your senses are filled with visual delight, the array of colors the wonderful scent of the flowers, and yes a sense of serenity and calmness. All I know is this, I walked around and all I hear is ” I want this and this and this” ringing in my head.

Does any one else see a Tony Duquette in the making!!! I do!