We have the best LOAFERS in FIVE colors

Who knew we would be sellling LOAFERS but I am and I love them!!!! These loafers are the most comfortable shoes you will ever stand or walk in!!! Marina andI stand in these all day and could walk up Baldy after the end of the day!


Spring has SPRUNG in our little town of Sun Valley

The grass at my house is turning green!!! The pond is flowing, the trees are have tiny little buds everywhere. What a relief, winter is over!!!

This summer is very exciting for me. Kim Seybert who owns one of the most beautiful TABLETOP companies will be coming to our store for a TRUNKSHOW in early August. I can’t wait, not only will she be bring more summer ideas, she will also bringing new fall tabletop. I don’t  want to get ahead of myself, I only want to think of summer, dinner in the patio, birthday parties for friends, romantic dinners and dancing in our fruit orchard… Some of my very favorite pieces from Kim Seybert are her outdoor melamine products, napkins and napkin rings. Most of her pieces and the colors are all about the beauty of nature.

Let me show you some

Happy spring



Does it get any better than this? Swimming in a pool with all your dishes, having everyone hand you water, shade your face, I felt like a super model!!! It was an amazing three hours with Nina Fox, the photographer, on ten feet of scaffolding snapping away. The day was so hot, the water a relief and project just fun fun fun!  At the end of the shoot, everyone took the big dive in, to retrieve the dishes that had sunk down to the bottom. Just an excuse for a POOL PARTY with Le Cadeaux Melamine Dinnerware !!!!!!!



Schelp a Schelppbag…by dawn king

Love these little bags I discovered recently called Schleppbags of all things…clever. I love the patent leather like fabric and the fun bold lettering that keeps them modern and fresh…the size is perfect for schlepping into the gym, your yoga gig, tap or ballet class or running to the mountain for a day of skiing and last, but not least, some laps in the pool or possibly cannon balls??? whatever your pleasure….they are available in two sizes;

  • Small 9 1/2 x 10 1/2 The small regularly retails for $49.50, here $40
  • Large 12 x 18.  The large normally retails for 79.50, here $70.00

Happy Schlepping, dawn

This photo makes me so utterly happy…

If I was a ballerina I would be flying around the room on my tiptoes. How often do you see a photo of something so funny, so cute it makes YOU smile like crazy. Two nights ago I was having a ho hum evening and ran across this photo on Pinterest,. It made me smile like a loony toony. These wonderful “smiles” are made from apples with a thin coating of peanut butter and tiny marshmallows for teeth. Look out my next dinner guests, this is my new favorite dessert in the Murphy household.

That brings me to Pinterest, isn’t this the most amazing website! Truly some of the most amazing photos I have ever come across and so many things I love!!! I am always so excited when I am repinned, I feel like a did a good job of finding a great photo of a garden or pools… let’s see my “boards” are Magical gardens, Dream Pools, Noses, Smiles, Words, Things I love. Rooms.., Fabric, foods that make me sigh… So… if you get on Pinterest…follow me, I would love to see your things as well!!!



I have had so much on my mind, about the world, how fast time is going by, how people communicate – or not. Was life as simple as we thought it was in our earlier days??? When I was very young and dreaming about a pale blue princess phone a “cousin” of our family was in the movie Bye Bye Birdie!!! Ann Margaret and all the girls had the most beautiful princess phones. Oh how I wanted one!!! Now… jump forward to three weeks ago in New York , walking along at the show, and there, right in front of me was the phone of my dreams, but only with just the reciever, AND all you have to do is attach it to your iPhone, Blackberry or whatever computer or phone you already have. I fell in love. So many colors! I bought dozens for the store, in all the colors, pink, black, blue, green, camouflage, gold, silver… This is the greatest new thing out there! You can talk on the phone, sit at the computer, lounge at lunch all without hurting your neck plus 96% less cell phone radiation… But that is a whole other story. This is a fabulous gift for anyone!!! Buy one and CALL ME!!!!!!! In the store starting on Tuesday! OR ORDER ONLINE TOO!!!

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