Do you ever feel that your life is too busy…by Leslie

or moving so quickly that there is simply not ever enough time? I certainly do! I often find myself over whelmed because I am not taking time for myself. It is important to take time for yourself, to be quiet and become centered. This can be achieved in many ways, through nature, exercise, prayer, reading, resting and a daily meditation practice. Although I know that meditation Is very important, that it can enhance your life, health and overall well being, I still find it challenging to do, but with regular practice, commitment, it becomes easier and you’ll realize the benefits almost immediately. You’ll be more relaxed, feel calm and discover what is truly important in your life.

Find a special place and time for yourself, near a peaceful fountain, with just the sound of water, to infuse your senses and block out other noises. I have a beautiful and natural looking fountain by Elegant Earth, that can be inside, or outside, that offers a tranquil place to meditate… just hearing the water makes me more relaxed. Elegant Earth offers many styles for your home, or outdoor patios and gardens.

If your mind becomes busy, and you find yourself distracted, or making lists, just let the river’s water quietly splash over you and bring you back to your center… keep breathing. This is another reason that a fountain helps me, I can easily be transported to a peaceful place, near the water.

Here are a few simple things to keep in mind, as you begin your own practice.

Sit quietly and as you breath, feel the vibrant glow at the core of who you are,

Breath steadily, and let this passion rise in you with no aim, or intent.

Breath slowly, and as you begin to feel its heat, look at the simple things around you.

I hope that you enjoy your day!



As we approach 2012, I would like to dedicate this Newsletter to all the women that have followed my Newsletters and tried hard to make changes that will affect their health and well being for years to come.

We have written that understanding the issues that cause sickness are in most instances, ours to control. Keeping our stress levels manageable, respecting the issues of inflammation and ph that become the root causes of disease are the keys to maintaining your health. Allowing ourselves to get in touch with our inner self and listen to the voices that give us warning signs of being out of balance. Remember if we don’t listen to the small voices, the scream is not far behind and that leads to disease.

#1 Before we make ridiculous New Year’s Resolutions, let’s keep focus on making yourself #1, on your long list of things to do. If that is the ONE New Year’s Resolution that you make, your entire circle of family, friends will prosper.

#2 Learn the word NO! In my experience, women like to please everyone and saying NO is out of character. If we all learn this one wonderful word, our stress level will come down tremendously and we will not be over committed.

#3 Value food, let food be your medicine. Read labels, skip processed foods, white sugar, and white flour, limit caffeine and revisit gluten sensitivities. Keep your blood sugar balanced and watch the quantity of food you consume. Get your weight stable and help prevent metabolic syndrome. Keep your life in balance!

#4 In two thousand and twelve (2012), partner with an Integrative Women’s Health Provider to create a healthy lifestyle, balance your hormones, take a look at your thyroid, create a nutrition program that works for you, rid your body of toxins both physically and emotionally.

#5 Forget the “gym” resolution. We know they fail after the first 2-3 months with endless waste of dollars and frustration. Instead work with a trainer to help motivate and keep your physical conditioning and weight program interesting and inspiring.

#6 Keep life in balance, learn to meditate, five minutes of meditation will lower your cortisol levels, create rest and allow stressors to melt away.

#7 Change the stories you tell yourself every minute of every day. Misery begets misery and happiness begets happiness, choose happiness at any price.

Here is to the Best Year Ever for You and your Families!

To Your Continued Good Health!

Dr. Tilden H. Sokoloff

925 820 6757

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