I am always on the lookout for totes, anything to carry my papers, computer, magazines, books (not kindle) lipstick, food on the airplane.  When I was at the last New York show, I spotted these totes . Voila!!!!! I knew they were right for me and the store. Beautiful, good looking, they cried out “BUY ME” So, I did. I ordered the totes, computer carriers and pillows, all of which you will be seeing on my website when we update for the upcoming Holiday season. To top off this great find,lancewovens-luxenyspread images-2 images-8 images-10 images-7 the salesperson showed me the pillows, I went out of my mind. These leather pillows are so wonderful and clean and chic, you have to get one to believe it!

So LANCE WOVENS was my great find at the show. We have many at the store and we are more than happy to order anything would wouild like!!!!


When I Travel I Take These… by Leslie


A highly effective, emollient rich Essence Moisturizer with a blend of wood extracts that stimulates skin cell renewal protects from free radical damage and revitalizes skin texture and tone. Sun Valley is such a dry place and being outdoors as often as I am, this is an amazing product…
I would not want to be without it!

The gentle scent of water lilies is accented with freesia, calla lilies,
and just a hint of star anise in this intoxicating watery floral…
I love to give these beautiful soaps as gifts to my friends and everyone loves them.

“Love me love my dog”. Those that know me, know I love my dog…
those that don’t, will! I think of it as a kind of good luck bracelet.

This is the greatest, everyone that sees you talking on this, will want to buy it from you!  All that is old, is new again! I love all the colors, but my favorite is the silver…they are
fantastic, not to mention healthy and much more comfortable to use…
you will want one in every color.

My favorite candle is the, LAFCO Rosemary Eucalyptus Candle for traveling includes invigorating eucalyptus and rosemary scents complimented by wild mint to encourage sharp thinking and wakefulness… I feel like I am at a Spa, it is fabulous!

These are also the perfect gift for so many occasions and fun to collect too.

I was lucky enough to spend four days in New York last week.

The truth be told I was in a race with myself to gather end of the year medallion points. Traveling is such an important part of my job, I need all the points I can get and one last trip would put me in a great spot! So…….. I decided to go see the windows in New York which we have all heard about for years. AND yes it is true , they are fabulous! What is more important is this, people travel to see these windows, these lights, music playing in the streets even though it is cold and snowy…..It’s really Christmas! We live in a resort and it is really Christmas here. Our little town needs to do the same thing for its tourist business, people are coming here for an experience. Let’s start giving it to them!!! As you may know I have a contest going. It started with $1000.00 to any retail, real estate, restaurant, any business, any at all that really goes out of their way to make a difference in the store front. Any commercial area in Ketchum is where I am looking. On December 24, I will drive around and see what our town has done and give the money away. Just like that, no strings attached!. With contributions from another person we are up to $2000.00 dollars. Next year other people want to participate and it will be more! How amazing is this…TAKE ADVANTAGE!

Find your friends, borrow lights, get whatever it is that makes a Christmas statement!!!! The first look at our town is main street…..Helloooooooooooooo restaurants, stores, building, empty lots, let’s get going, try to win…..side streets, back streets, let’s get going, there is still time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a very Merry Merry Christmas everyone, may your family stay healthy and happy this year


We are off to London…

this week with great friends. Are we lucky or what! The moment we land, get to the hotel… change, we are getting on the red bus tour. We want to do everything that a tourist (because we are) can see and do. Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Tea at the Ritz and Browns, Tate Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, strolling along the Thames River… everything!

Clearly I was amazed when I first saw these globes, anyone and everone is! I had never seen big globes like the 30” before. Really I could not decide which one I liked the best, so I bought all of them for the store. I am told JayZ bought the onyx spinner, so I guess that means they’ are very cool as well! How many movies have we watched someone spin a globe, put their finger down and say “That’s where I am going”. In reality, how many of us have spun the globe, put our finger down and said “I wish I wish”.

So I am having a wish come true with our dear friends Grant and Sherri. Off one week of work, although we all know I will be hunting for objects for the store!

So we are off for the wild blue yonder. Tip Tip and cherrio!!!!!




I have always loved Elephants. When I was a teenager there was a great TV show on called MAYA. Jay North and Sanjid Kahn played two boys that cared for elephants… they had many adventures. When Sanjid Kahn enrolled in my high school I was star struck because this was the boy who had been allowed to ride on elephants. Hence, my elephant love was born. Three years ago some dear friends invited my husband and I to go to Africa, specifically Kenya. Our friend Tim at that time was on the board to the David Sheldrike Animal Trust. A baby elephant orphanage. I was thrilled beyond belief! The trip was a life altering affair. Our two trips to the orphanage are in my thoughts everyday. Those sweet sweet babies wrapping their trunks around us, rolling in the red dirt, suckling on our hands. Did they love being scratched behind their ears. So…. fast forward to a few months ago. I was in New York hunting and gathering for my store, a friend of mine, Mark who owns an extraordinary antique business in Atlanta was there. He had brought this 100 year old Steiff elephant with him to sell. Of course, in less than a blink I bought it for the store. What a special animal this has been to some family. For now I get to have this little one in the store, who knows he might be right for you!

My trip to Paris

I went on a quick trip to Paris two weeks ago. This is what I have decided, I want the outer shell of a french woman, the soul of a Spanish woman and the fire of an Italian woman. Now…. where does that leave me, I grew up in Souther California, live in Sun Valley, Idaho and have an addiction to tabletop in my store. J’ adore l’arts de la table. Now, can one person have all that………… and of course the answer is …yes…. you can have whatever you want if , and the key word is” if” you believe in yourself.

Since I do believe I can be all those things …….. I do look a bit french, I certainly have the walk down. Two…..I’ve started my Rosetta Stone Spanish tapes….more than likely I will start tango lessons soon. Last but not least I know there is that Italian fire in me, watch out in the kitchen!