Girls meet the new powerful man in my life…

The perfect Holiday gift for the gadget guy or gal. If you’re like me there are never enough outlets for all my gadgets. Electroman Multi-Outlet Surge Protector to the rescue.

The Electro Man is intended to be a friendly-faced alternative to everyday multi-outlets. Plug it into a safe and grounded outlet and you’re ready to go. This product is not recommended for appliances that draw higher amounts of electricity (like air conditioners, heater, hair driers, etc.). If in doubt, don’t plug it in. Green light indicates when power is running to arms and legs.

Electro man’s legs and arms have three-prong sockets with enough room even for the biggest adapter.

Features a circuit breaker switch and grounded plugs for safety.

Fun alternative to the standard, clunky multi-plug.

Perfect for home, school or office.

Measures 14″ L x 12″ W x 1/2″ D with a 28″ L cable length